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Friday, March 9, 2018

Vintage Tablecloths for Spring & Easter

I know we're all anxious for Spring to arrive, and myself
  I am looking forward to an extra hour of daylight soon.  
I've been pulling out some tablecloths and will share here!

 Lovely Moonflower
by California Hand Prints

 Paris landmarks & street scenes
The prettiest blue!  by Parisian Prints

 Pink leaves with shiny Gold
by Sun Glo

 Pretty Pinks & Mint Green flowers
maker unknown

 Big Pink flowers & Strawberries
maker unknown

 Lovely Hibiscus flowers
by Simtex

 More Pink with Maroon flowers
maker unknown

And for something different...
folksy theme with hearts, chickens, and people
maker unknown

Hopefully one of these pretties made you smile!
Looking forward to a day of Sun over the weekend 
then we're back to storms...but I can always look at my 
bright colored tablecloths!

Thanks for visiting!  

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Thrifting & Manne-Bust!

Just popping in to say a quick "hi" and to share...

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day so
hubby and I decided to go for a drive, get
lunch out, and of course stop at a few 
thrift & consignment shops.

Look what I found front & center at one of them!
 A mannequin bust.  Yikes!  I thought
she was great, in a "kitsch" kind of way,
and she looks very retro to me.

Well...she wasn't for sale.  Dang!  
& I had the perfect necklace & earring 
set for her to wear.  😏

What an interesting "conversation piece"
she would have been!  & I would have
decked her out for all the holidays.  
How about it...have you ever considered
or made a quirky purchase you've had fun with?

In a completely different style...I couldn't
resist bringing home these hand painted
china plates.  

Nor these art books to help me with my
painting hobby...hopefully.  

Sharing a "Pam Picasso" (as I like to call 
them when I copy a Picasso) that is hanging
in my bathroom.  Ha, ha...which is not an insult 
to my painting. I like to hang them everywhere.  

Are you still hitting the thrifts?  Would love
to hear about your adventures!   Enjoy the rest 
of the weekend and have a terrific week! 

Friday, February 9, 2018

Longing for Spring & Thrift Finds!

It's not even mid February and I am longing for spring.
How about you?  Not that we've had a horrible winter, 
I just need warmer and sunnier days.  

I don't thrift as much as I used to because I am trying
to clear out a whole room of "treasures", but hubby and I
 hit a couple places last week end.  Always fun to share,
and a few of these things will end up on Etsy.  

Very old pottery calico cat & dog shakers.  Unsigned.

Bust style statue of the Virgin Mary.  
Marked Japan

Russel Wright cream pitcher, Iroquois "Ice Blue"
I have some blue plates and a casserole dish in the same pattern.

Doilies, always a sweet find, especially when they
 have purple edges.  

And hubby's find for a thrift he passes on the way home
from work.  At first I thought it maybe was a Scandinavian
design, but once I was closer I could see the design was 
embroidered.  Lovely work.  Probably not very vintage,
but I love it.  So any ideas on this?  

Because of the design I'm thinking it is foreign.  Very nicely made.
Oh...there was a matching runner and he got me that too.

"Always hang on to men who thrift."

 Wonder who we attribute that great quote to?

That would be me!  😁

Closing with a photo of a very old
Beistle Valentine centerpiece.

Very imperfect, yet still adorable!  

Enjoy a great week-end!