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Monday, December 11, 2017 that you Rudolph?

Oh no, that is sweet Doyle, who just turned 8 years old.

His Birthday wish was for snow! He loves snow...but unlike so
 many of you who got the snow, we had 2 days of rain instead. 

 Doyle had to settle for rolling in the Gingko leaves.

Wait, here is Rudolph!  The local art school had
it's fun painting class for December.  
I couldn't miss out on painting Rudolph!  

I might still glam up his antlers a little.  The class was 
small, just 7 of us, but was fun and it helped me with
some Christmas spirit.

I know this is the happy holiday time of year, but it can also be
stressful.  It is no longer my favorite season....
maybe if it came less often, like every 3 years?

OK I better quit before I turn into Scrooge.  I'll share a few
photos first.  Enjoy all your festivities!  

Christmas Card tablecloth & Christmas stack
Mid-Century Santa Graphic

Are you in the Christmas spirit?  
& are you in the Christmas frenzy?
I'll be back before Christmas.  Thanks for visiting!  

Monday, December 4, 2017

December already? Vintage Christmas Tablecloths and more...

Tis the time of year I love sharing my Christmas linens!
Here a few of my favorites!

Beautiful wreaths and poinsettias.

Fabulous Snowy Village!

Fun Santa's...including a hot air balloon Santa! 

Hearts, wreaths, trees, ornaments.
A very Scandinavian looking tablecloth.  

Keeping with trying to downsize, I have some for sale at
VirginiaRetro Shop on Etsy

This adorable Santa swinging from the wreaths, for example.  

On a different subject, we took our little camper to the country this past 
weekend.  Yes, you read that right.  My hubby's club was hosting a
an event for an organization that rescues dogs from the shelter and then 
 trains them to be service dogs for veterans with emotional needs.  
I'm adding a link here to the organization so you can read for yourself.

Semper k9 Org website

It was a terrific day for all!  The organization raised funds, the vets
and supporters got to enjoy bird hunting and raffles, and an excellent
lunch was enjoyed by all.  

Yes, that is a frosty field!  We have a great heater in the camper. 
 There was also a campfire all day in the group area.  

Doyle, a Brittany and a great bird dog, was ready to do his part.  
Of course he was brilliant as usual.  

 A successful event for such a worthy cause!  

What are you up to this busy December?
Thanks for taking the time to stop by!  

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Luther Travis Mid-Century Tablecloth!

Just a quick update!

A favorite of collectors...well, a favorite 
of just about anyone who loves vintage tablecloths!

Luther Travis Christmas Tablecloth

This is a tablescape I shared on  my blog last December.  

I've been working on my Etsy shop and decided to offer this large and fabulous 
vintage tablecloth for sale this year.  I've owned it 20+ years, time to share
this beloved beauty.  

Luther Travis was an artist and textile designer in the 1960-1970's era.
 He signed his tablecloth designs, a bonus for all of us.  

Take a peek to see this or my other vintage
Christmas tablecloths!  

Etsy is sponsoring a holiday sale, which I am joining in
Starting 11/22/2017.  You can see the details on my 
shop page as of the 22nd.  

Have a Happy Thanksgiving...hope you will be sharing
it with family and friends!   See you in a week or so.