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Monday, August 14, 2017

Gardening, Baking, Cooking & Vintage Tablecloth!

Well here we are in the dog days of August.  We've had some delicious
tomatoes, but our garden starts to limp along in the heat, except
 for the peppers.   Peppers usually grow here through September.
Our fig tree had lots of ripe figs, with more starting to ripen.
The herbs are just about done, but I still have a nice group to dry.  

Basil, Oregano & Rosemary.
The Oregano is hardy stuff, it winters over in the pot
and  sprouts in the spring, as does the Rosemary.  I buy 
new basil plants every year, one of our fav spices to use.  

I challenge anyone (who isn't vegetarian) to not enjoy
a summer BLT if they grow fresh tomatoes.  Mr. Retro
made lunch after his fishing buddy stopped by.  I wanted a
prettier photo, but those guys weren't waiting any longer! 

Doyle is rather lazy in the heat and has gotten chubby.  He'll
be enjoying the fall weather soon and back to his energetic self.  

Fresh homemade crab cakes with rice & mango salsa.
If you live by the Chesapeake Bay, like we do, a love of
tasty blue crabs is almost mandatory.  We love them steamed with 
some spicy Old Bay, but crab cakes are a delicious treat!

We had such a bounty from the fig tree Mr. Retro came
in with a bag and asked me to look up fresh fig recipes.  
He chose this fig cake recipe.  

It tastes as good as it looks.  Some chopped figs in the dense 
cake, and a topping/filling made with simmered figs, brown sugar &
lemon.  I remembered the whipped cream after I took the photo.
Fantastic!  & He enjoyed making the cake on a rainy afternoon.

A final share, this gorgeous Asian theme tablecloth.  

I wish I could tell you about it, but the seller had no information
so I am trying to do some research.  The graphics are large,
18+ inches across.  

Love it's bright boldness.

Lastly, I'll share a fun mural/photo from our favorite
Thai restaurant in Williamsburg.  It's huge!

Who expected Elvis Presley to be looking over our shoulder
while we had lunch?  The owner told us Elvis was sitting next
to the King & Queen of Thailand.  

Well that's my mish-mosh post.
What have you been up to? Whatever it is, 
stay cool during these August dog days.  

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Mid-Century Modern Tablescape

I love mid-century modern! 
As evidenced by my tablescape.

My table has a mixture of orphan dishes, on a fabulous tablecloth.
The vintage tablecloth is a California Hand Prints, also known as CHP.  
The pattern name is Fish Tale.  Apropos!  

This tablecloth still has the original metallic gold in the design and 
I doubt it has been washed.  I'm planning to give it a gentle soak 
only because the metallic can be tricky.  

Solid blue plates & casserole - Iroquois China, Russel Wright, Casual Blue
White plates & bowls, modern leaf design - Noritake CookinServe China, Namiki
Small serving pieces (3) - Gladding McBean Franciscan, Starburst
Amoeba design glasses - Federal Glass Co.
Blue crab salt & pepper shakers - new, CIC China

I think the mish-mosh of dishes compliment each other 
and the fab tablecloth.  

The fish plate under the Franciscan is diner ware by Syracuse China.  
Sorry I only have one of those.  

Thanks for looking!  I love sharing my obsession.  

I'll be joining with

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Scratch Swans Down cake & vintage tablecloth

Summer is in full swing. I'm not a heat lover, 90-100 degrees with a "feel" 
of 110.  Do they really need to tell us that?  I needed to find an indoor activity
for the weekend.  While straightening the pantry hubby pulled out a box of
Swans Down cake flour.  He smirked and asked "is this for the cake you
 promised to make me six months ago?"  Um, yes.  So that settled it,
I was making  we were making a cake on Saturday!

First we gathered all the ingredients.  THANKS to the advice of
Her good advice which I now follow.  I looked online and  found Swans 
 Down recipe for STRAWBERRY PRESERVE CAKE  & printed it.  

Of course a scratch cake deserves homemade frosting to top it, so we
gathered the ingredients for the strawberry cream cheese frosting.

Naturally I forgot to take photos of the process, but it surely wasn't pretty,
and to be honest, hubby and I decided we prefer to bake alone! 😓

The finished product was both beautiful to look at & scrumptious to eat.
We were quite pleased with our efforts and somewhat surprised.

I almost forgot the pretty photo of the cake on a sweet vintage
table topper & Wilendur napkins.  

How are you staying cool and keeping busy in the summer heat?
I'm also changing the vintage tablecloth on my dining table weekly.
Today I'm sharing this pink and blue beauty.  

Made by Pedigree, a Thomaston Mills Product.  
Sweet hues for summer.  

Your visits & comments are always appreciated.  
Thanks for stopping by & stay cool!